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Audacity And Photo Story In The Classroom Video on ways to use audacity and photo story in the classroom 
Bloom's 20 This Wiki is a resource for teachers looking to engage learners at all levels. Categories reflect the revised Bloom’s Taxonomy: Remembering, Understanding, Applying, Analyzing, Evaluating and Creating. For each category the matrix includes select Web 2.0 tools, an example of a classroom activity, and the related 21st Century skills. 
Differentiated Instruction Resources Students learn at different rates and in different ways. Technology supports instructional strategies by creating new routes to learning and addressing multiple learning needs. Differentiate instruction by using the wealth of digital resources that will challenge and engage all multiple intelligences and learning styles. 
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling Website offering information and resources on digital storytelling. This includes examples, how to guides, tutorials for certain websites, rubrics for grading, and suggested methods.  
Enquiring Minds Ideas, progressions and resources for inquiry in the classroom. 
Ideas to Inspire Ways to use google docs in the classroom 
Krunchd Group webpages that you want students to view for a project into one URL link so you don't have to post them all and students can easily see the webpages you want them to use. More than 2700 mostly free interactive learning websites for kids, teachers and parents. Fee-based websites listed here are award-winning or highly rated by education and parent organizations.  
LiveBinders Tips and Tricks If you have already built some great binders and are sharing them with others, you may be looking for ways to make them just a little better. 
Online Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism is as old as mankind. There was even a time, when imitation was the only way of carrying human knowledge over the generations. Today plagiarism causes economic damage in billions of dollars. Plagiat are nothing but theft of intellectual property of creative people and serve to make others rich. How to avoid plagiarism? Try our software - the solution for plagiarism prevention! 
Sketch Exchange Find lesson plans for Geometer's Sketchpad. 
Smart Exchange Find Lesson Plans for Your SMART Board and Connect with Teachers 50 Ways to Use Wikis for a More Collaborative and Interactive Classroom 
Squidoo Wiki on how to use Voki's in the classroom.  
Teaching Degree 50 awesome ways to use Skype in the Classroom. 
Teaching Today  Using Blogs to Integrate Technology in the Classroom  
Teaching with Smartboard Great resource to learn interactive features of Notebook 10, a wireless slate, or a Smart Board. 
The Clever Sheep Top 20 Ways to use wordle in the classroom. 
Tip of the Iceberg 10 Great ways to use Audacity with your Students The most complete and current source of information about the WebQuest Model. Whether you're an education student new to the topic or an experienced teacher educator looking for materials, you'll find something here to meet your needs. 
Webquests Database of inquiry based webquests.  
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